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How to Wear a Sweatshirt? Outfit Ideas

Sweatshirts are a classic in winters. But the way GenZ wears sweatshirts today has evolved over time, and so has its different types. Whether you’re a fan of classic crewnecks, hoodies or zippers, we’ve got you covered. 

In this blog, you can find a list of trendy sweatshirts, along with some quick and easy hacks to style them.  

Different Types of Sweatshirts

  • Crewneck Sweatshirt

Surely a classic! These are comfortable and perfect for everyday wear. They could be easily paired with various types of bottoms. 
  • Polo Sweatshirt

Polo sweatshirts are more on the formal side. They are stylish and provide a touch of sophistication to your casual wardrobe. 

  • Hoodies

These are one of the trendiest unisex sweatshirts in the market. They come with a hood, and offer a more sporty and relaxed look. Generally made of polyester and cotton, they have a “kangaroo pocket” to help keep your hands warm.

  • Pullover

Pullover sweatshirts are effortlessly stylish and could be worn by both men and women ie. they are unisex sweatshirts. They are easy to throw on and go, making them a regular wear for you while you go around the city completing your chores.

  • Athletic

Athletic sweatshirts are specifically designed for an active lifestyle. They are light-weight and keep you warm while you’re running outside.

  • Zippered

Zipped sweatshirts are versatile. They allow you to adjust your style and level of warmth. They are quite stylish and could be worn on top of a top or t-shirt. 

  • Short-Sleeved and Sleeveless

Short-sleeved sweatshirts are perfect for warmer weather or could be used for layering in the colder days. These could be used in various ways and thus offer variety to your wardrobe.

How to Wear your Sweatshirt?

Sweatshirts can go casual to formal if paired in the right way, listed below are some of the most stunning sweatshirt outfit ideas for you: 

  • Combine an Oversized Sweatshirt with Slim Fit Pants

To achieve a balanced look, pair your favorite sweatshirt with slim-fit pants for a more relaxed yet polished look. 

  • Trendy Jogger Combo

For a more street style look, throw on joggers along with an oversized sweatshirt for a more trendy and comfortable look 

  • Slick Street Look with a Jacket

To make your fit more modern and urban, wear an oversized sweatshirt with a jacket for a sleek and street trendy look.

  • Tee, Sweatshirt, and Blazer Combo

If you have a formal event to attend but are too tired to dress up, layer a tee under your sweatshirt and top it off with a blazer for a chic look. 

  • Classic Denim Pairing

No, no one can ever go wrong with the classic sweatshirt and denim combination. This is probably our favorite fit as you can go from casual to formal without having to worry. 

  • Boots for Sass

Winter outfits can never go wrong when paired with boots. Boots elevate your style irrespective of what you’re wearing. 

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Wearing a sweatshirt doesn’t have to mean that you have to give up on styling. With the right type of sweatshirt and the right way of wearing it, you can elevate your fashion game in just a few seconds.

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